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Explore the Manitoba Bioeconomy Atlas

Manitoba Bioeconomy Atlas

The Manitoba Bioeconomy Atlas demonstrates the economic and ecological value of common wetland plants as a marketable feedstock for biomass energy—all with the goal of creating a healthier Lake Winnipeg basin and developing a Manitoba bioeconomy.

The Manitoba Bioeconomy Atlas realizes a web-based spatial inventory of conventional and unconventional biomass sources; using a custom model to determine optimal sites for biomass refineries and thermal facilities; and provide a tool to support stakeholder decisions, markets and policies in the production of Manitoba’s bioeconomy.

If you are a biomass producer, it can help you work out how much biomass you have and how much it is worth.

If you are a biomass consumer, it can help you source biomass, calculate how much it costs and learn why using biomass is the environmentally friendly and economic choice.

Come and explore the Manitoba Bioeconomy Atlas and learn the landscape of Manitoba’s biomass resources and how this province can develop a sustainable economy for the 21st century.

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