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Publication Overview

Modelling for Sustainable Development: New decisions for a new age

Key Messages

  • The decisions of public and private sector actors must incorporate sustainable development considerations. Doing so, however, requires the ability to model these same considerations, as well as the impacts of a particular policy or project.
  • The design and choice of these models is crucial, and must involve a holistic approach that brings together the various actors and interests involved.
  • These models must also be able to meet decision-maker's needs and inform decisions that contribute to sustainable development.

Our environmental, economic, and social systems are currently facing a host of challenges, which if left unaddressed will have significant implications for the world in which we live. Tackling these challenges will require better-informed decision-making, which in turn requires models that are designed and developed with sustainable development considerations and objectives in mind. To support this need for better-informed decision making, this book brings together the insights and expertise of a dozen expert modellers and policy analysts, who completed this project on modelling for sustainable development in June 2019 using the "Book Sprints" method. It outlines the different modelling approaches available; describes why model design and development matters for sustainable development; and explains how these models can contribute to decision-making processes.

The book is designed for decision-makers, model commissioners, model developers, model users, and students specializing in modelling and/or the different aspects of sustainable development.

The book’s co-authors include:

A webinar about the book was held on October 21, 2019. The video recording is available for viewing below: