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About Water

Just as water flows across borders, our work stretches across sectors and nations. We are experts in large-basin management, and addressing complex nexus issues such as the interactions between watersheds and climate change, or water, energy and food.

IISD focuses on policy and programming solutions for governments, civil society and industry that protect and enhance the natural environment, while also improving socioeconomic well-being. We conduct economic analyses and hydrologic assessments so that governments can consider different options before making final decisions. And we support the management of watersheds across national boundaries, bringing together all relevant sectors and stakeholders.

Our policy work is informed by scientific research conducted at IISD Experimental Lakes Area, a one-of-a-kind outdoor laboratory that allows us to conduct safe experiments on whole lakes in a way no other research site in the world can do.

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Tomorrow Needs Us Today: IISD’s 2020-2025 Strategic Direction

Tomorrow Needs Us Today: IISD’s 2020-2025 Strategic Direction

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