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IISD's work covers a broad sweep of strategies, tools and policy advice needed to respond effectively to today's environmental, economic and social challenges. 

Financing Sustainable Infrastructure

Sustainable infrastructure is the development of roads, buildings, energy and water infrastructure, but requires careful consideration due to the enormous impacts to the well-being of people and the planet in terms of sustainability.

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Financing Sustainable Infrastructure Financing Sustainable Infrastructure
  • Food Security

    Food Security

    Ensuring the availability of and access to food through resilient food systems and value chains.

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  • Gender Equality

    Gender Equality

    IISD is dedicated to advancing gender equality equality and women’s empowerment, both in our workplace and through our work. Find out how we support progress on gender issues.

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  • Green Finance

    Green Finance

    The financial system needs to serve as the nervous system of the global economy rather than its master as the 2007 global financial crisis illustrate this point. IISD's work on green finance stems from our conviction that the root causes of the 2007 crisis remain unaddressed.

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  • Industrial Policy

    Industrial Policy

    Supporting governments to decide when it makes sense to employ sustainable industrial policies and, if so, what tools to use in pursuing it.

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  • Innovative Technologies

    Innovative Technologies

    When it comes to achieving a sustainable world, it is critical to actively foster innovation within the sustainable development sector, as well as encouraging the adoption of new technologies from other sectors. This is how IISD is working to advance that goal.

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  • Investment for Sustainable Development

    Investment for Sustainable Development

    Reforming the rules and institutions that govern international investment flows to help developing countries attract the sort of investment that promotes sustainable development.

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  • Investment Law and Policy Reform

    Investment Law and Policy Reform

    Investment treaties and the way disputes are settled under them­­—a process known as investor–state dispute settlement (ISDS)—are facing increasing scrutiny. A call for reform has therefore emerged...

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  • Investment Research and Resources

    Investment Research and Resources

    Investment Policy Best Practices Advisory Bulletins  Assessing the Impacts of Investment Treaties: Overview of the Evidence  Investment Treaties and Why They Matter to Sustainable...

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  • Just Transition

    Just Transition

    Energy transitions are about people: the ones who make the decisions and the ones affected by those decisions. A "just transition" approach ensures that the affected people are considered by those making decisions. 

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