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Ivetta Gerasimchuk

Lead, Sustainable Energy Supplies

Based in Geneva, Ivetta Gerasimchuk leads the sustainable energy supplies activities of IISD's Energy Program and its Global Subsidies Initiative. She is in charge of projects focusing on government policies with respect to energy taxation and pricing in Canada, China, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, India, Indonesia, Russia and Ukraine. Ivetta's expertise lies with international economics and political strategies for implementing challenging energy reforms, mobilizing finance for renewable energy, climate change mitigation and adaptation, and sustainable international investment flows. She also works on international energy governance, including commitments and peer reviews of fossil fuel subsidies within G20 and Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation.

Before joining IISD, she was senior advisor and head of the Trade and Investment program at WWF-Russia and leading research fellow at the Institute for Natural Resource Economics and Environmental Policy of the Higher School of Economics in Moscow. Her publications span opinion editorials, media articles, monographs and peer-reviewed academic publications. Ivetta Gerasimchuk holds a BA degree in International Relations, an MA degree in International Business and Business Administration and a PhD in Economics from the Moscow State Institute for International Relations (MGIMO).

She is a fluent speaker of English and Russian and has a good command of French, German and Afrikaans.

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