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Steffany Bermúdez

Data Collection and Analysis Specialist

Steffany Bermudez is the Data Collection and Analysis Specialist for the SSI-SIDA project on IISD’s Economic Law and Policy Program. Her work focuses on the collection, analysis and reporting of data on sustainable consumption and production for key agriculture commodities. She has experience working on sustainable development projects, economic inclusion and entrepreneurship.

Prior to arriving at IISD, Steffany worked as a consultant for the Finance Alliance for Sustainable Trade, where she supported the development of an online platform connecting impact investors with small and medium enterprises in the agricultural and forestry sectors. She was responsible for the population of the platform, data gathering, and relationships with industry stakeholders and financial service providers in Latin America, Africa and the Caribbean.

Steffany is pursuing a master’s degree in political science with focus on international and public affairs. She speaks English, French and Spanish and is located in Montréal, Quebec.

All Publications

  • Global Market Report: Cotton This report examines how voluntary sustainability standards are performing in the cotton sector.
  • Global Market Report: Bananas This report examines how voluntary sustainability standards are used to promote sustainable development in the banana sector.
  • Global Market Report: Palm Oil This report examines how voluntary sustainability standards can mitigate some of the worst environmental impacts of producing palm oil, the world’s most consumed edible oil.
  • Global Market Report: Sugar Voluntary sustainability standard sugar production is on the rise with continued growth expected.
  • Global Market Report: Tea Global demand for tea is growing despite sustainability challenges.
  • Global Market Report: Cocoa Western Europe and developing economies in Asia are driving demand for cocoa but farm risks may affect supply in the long-term
  • Global Market Report: Coffee Voluntary sustainability standard-compliant coffee production is increasing at a higher rate than the overall sector, with significant growth coming from least-developed countries.